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May 5, 2014

…for those without instagram

so first off a few of my pins have been BLOWING UP lately:

this WORD ART that someone claims has the wrong reference written at the top (whatevs… the person who originally ordered it sent me the wording she wanted)

these 50th birthday invitations – i’ve created 2 copy cat designs since this original came out so keep an eye out for those designs on IG and Pinterest in the near future

these GRAD CARDS – get your own! they’re still on sale for the rest of may! 25 for $55/50 for $65/100 for $80


also you should know that the new mug designs are up on my ETSY PAGE along with address stamps and hand-lettering prices and that right now you can save $5 when you order 2+ mugs – check that sweetness out right HERE


ok now for some not-so-great photos by yours truely from my iphone 4 (please order things from me so i can upgrade to a phone with a better camera)

2014-05-02 18.32.46red/white/black invites with some fun little line illustrations


2014-05-01 11.18.55


classy baby shower thank yous

2014-04-28 17.18.01white hand lettering on antique gold envelopes

2014-04-23 10.40.26

and some super fun envelopes ūüôā


email me if you want to get some laurenish goodness in your own hands



March 25, 2014

C+ S wedding suite

while i was getting my Fine Art degree at Biola University i actually switched from being a design emphasis to having an interdisciplinary emphasis – a mix of design and photo… i quickly learned after graduating that while i had an eye for balance and composition i did NOT have the funds to become the kind of photographer i wanted to be (or let’s face it, i didn’t have the patience either)…


so i get SOOOOOOOOOOOO pumped when professional photographers take pictures of my work… because it looks SO MUCH BETTER then my sad little iphone 4 shots


i wish i could take credit for the sweet lace detail – the bride came up with the doilies idea and wrapped them herself








i made custom escort cards on the same textured paper i used for the invitations and then wrote each guests name in white inkCBW-452

instead of a guest book the couple had guest write their names on a poster sized sheet of paper that they could later display




finally the table numbers that have been so popular on pinterest lately – a simple design that subtly hinted at the style of the invitesCBW-444


to get your own sweet wedding designs email

March 10, 2014


yes, again i admit that i’ve not been posting on here lately… but i have some REALLY great excuses! on new years eve i moved away from the beach and got engaged to the GREATEST guy i’ve ever met and we were married on February 22nd! life has been crazy and i’ve loved EVERY SECOND! i now live in Redlands, California which has got to be the most wonderful place on earth – i’ve traded my loud but gorgeous ocean view for what feels like a small town surrounded by awe-some mountains and church bells that play my favorite hymns at lunch and dinner time. ¬†but the transitions dont stop there! i’ve been hoping to get more and more into hand-lettering and letting that become the main aspect of laurenish and it seems to be working. ¬†I’m now advertising as a calligrapher on and while i’m still doing plenty of wedding suites and other sorts of announcements and invitations i’ve also been getting more work for just my lettering which is exactly perfect for me right now as i take on another summer of camp at Forest Home working with teenage girls. ¬†over the next couple months i’ll be cutting back on design and focusing on lettering and the ministry i’m doing at camp.


in the mean time please keep checking in on me via instagram! i try to post at least once a week, but usually thow in a few images of everyday life as well (i hope you dont mind!)

here’s a few things you might have missed if you weren’t following @laurenishdesign

2014-03-07 17.49.16

2014-03-05 10.43.48

2014-02-10 15.13.24

2014-02-06 09.21.49

2014-02-05 15.48.00

2013-12-26 10.32.31

2013-12-19 21.48.23

December 16, 2013

lately on instagram…

big changes are coming up for me at the start of 2014. ¬†i’m currently working 4 jobs: adjunct professor, private tutor, camp coordinator, and print designer… but two of those will end this week and i just might try to survive off the other two – forcing myself to take my design more seriously. ¬†nothing like the fear of starvation and homelessness to get you moving!

speaking of moving… i’m leaving the beach house for equally beautiful Redlands, California – hopefully at the end of the month (prayers for my dream apartment to fall into my lap would be greatly appreciated).

here’s a little look at what else has been happening:

2013-12-03 12.18.25mugs are almost sold out – get one of the last ones before their gone by emailing me at

2013-12-05 09.00.57some teacher cards – get your own! or order some for a educator you love!


2013-12-12 11.40.06some fancy wedding programs – the ones i sent to the couple were tied with super thin ribbon around the spine


2013-12-15 16.25.17and a few of you ordered word art on cardstock, canvas, and wood panels for your families for the holidays! i love doing these so keep the orders coming!

other fun things lately:

for those of you who DON’T already follow me on instagram – some stranger saw how popular my mugs were becoming on pinterest and created their own super sad-looking version… same words, same layout, same color even… but it didn’t have that laurenish charm! or anything close to correct line-spacing (check it out by following laurenishdesign or searching #laurenishdesign )


and in non-insta news: i just got a ping-back from this blog who found one of my other semi-popular pins and featured it one their blog – the actually envelopes were charcoal… but i’m just honored to show up on their page at all¬†– check it out HERE


November 14, 2013

andrew & allegra

… or as i know them best: outtake & hula/music mama

i met allegra back in 2007 at Forest Home and we’ve had the pleasure of working together in family camp for the past several years. ¬†she met her man while working at camp and he and i once shared the greatest high-five of all time (he made a movie that made me ball with its grandeur… so i congratulated him – because about 90% of time my heart is made of stone and i couldn’t cry if i tried – and the rest is history)

so all that to say: this couple is pretty amazing… here’s what we came up with to invite their friends and family to join in their great-ness:


2013-11-12 07.55.33

2013-11-12 08.07.46

2013-11-12 08.22.17


and clearly their guests were totally into it because they received aprons with their names embroidered in my handwriting from the save the dates, their logo appeared all over their gifts! it was SO COOL to get so many pictures from them of their gifts inspired by my designs! ¬†luckily, they liked what i had created enough to jump in on the fun themselves… it was a pretty awesome surprise to get the favor at the wedding… a glass with their logo:

2013-11-03 17.01.18


November 13, 2013

a few fall wedding invites

holy moley was this a busy fall for me!

i had the privilege of working with some awesome couples to create some of my all time favorite invitations!

table numbers from the wedding i posted a while back:

2013-11-11 20.05.39


fun foldy invites for claire and kyle:

2013-11-08 13.13.00



here’s a little taste of allegra and outtake’s invites – more to come on those soon!

2013-11-12 08.08.59

katie and jp’s invites for their wedding in washington state and their reception in mississippi:

2013-11-13 07.32.40


2013-11-13 07.30.51



to see these beauties first be sure to follow laurenishdesign on instagram

to order your own custom wedding invites email

November 12, 2013

then SINGS my soul mugs

last winter i started drawing on mugs and it was pretty awesome. ¬†people loved them, i loved them, and then there was a point where the love faded because the ink was fading as well (or chipping, or smudging, or whatever) because i dont own a kiln i wasnt able to print permanently on the mugs and i thought “oh well, maybe someday i’ll have enough orders to have these professionally printed”



my most popular design has been permanently printed and is now available for $20 for a limited time! prices may go up in December, so order yours today! email with your shipping address and the number of mugs you’d like to order and i’ll reply with payment information

October 29, 2013

caitlin & stephen’s invites and a few announcements

awesome new things that are happening:

1 – i’ve been working on SO MANY wedding invitations and paper goods for Fall 2013… and the season is almost over! so much goodness is headed your way

2. ¬†“then sings my soul” mugs will soon be printed and available for the holidays with new permanent ink!

3. ¬†if you haven’t noticed, i’ve been a LOT more active on instagram over these last few months, and you should expect that to pick up even more in the near future – so if you haven’t already been enjoying those images be sure to search #laurenishdesign or #laurenish asap!

here’s one of the weddings i worked on this summer/fall and definitely a favorite for 2013! congrats to the happy couple who was married this weekend!

2013-10-29 14.19.32

2013-10-29 14.22.41

August 29, 2013

lately… on instagram






i have been failing to update this blog lately, hopefully a few of you caught on and have been following laurenishdesign on instagram

if not, here’s what you’ve been missing…

folded-card graduation announcements:

2013-07-08 12.41.41

gold 30th birthday invites:

2013-07-08 16.08.48


gold and charcoal wedding invites:

2013-07-09 08.35.02


some lovely word art:


2013-07-10 10.36.52




engagement party invitations:

2013-07-12 09.07.51


save the dates:

2013-07-16 07.45.28


and plenty of addressed envelopes:

2013-07-18 13.20.54


upload your own photos of your laurenish design pieces or check out what others are posting under #laurenish or #laurenishdesign


July 12, 2013

matthew and michelle’s wedding invites!

sometimes you grow up and make wedding invitations for the boy who lived down the street back when you were in elementary school… these are those invitations:





wish you had some fun font combinations on your invites? let’s make that happen! email me at