…for those without instagram

so first off a few of my pins have been BLOWING UP lately:

this WORD ART that someone claims has the wrong reference written at the top (whatevs… the person who originally ordered it sent me the wording she wanted)

these 50th birthday invitations – i’ve created 2 copy cat designs since this original came out so keep an eye out for those designs on IG and Pinterest in the near future

these GRAD CARDS – get your own! they’re still on sale for the rest of may! 25 for $55/50 for $65/100 for $80


also you should know that the new mug designs are up on my ETSY PAGE along with address stamps and hand-lettering prices and that right now you can save $5 when you order 2+ mugs – check that sweetness out right HERE


ok now for some not-so-great photos by yours truely from my iphone 4 (please order things from me so i can upgrade to a phone with a better camera)

2014-05-02 18.32.46red/white/black invites with some fun little line illustrations


2014-05-01 11.18.55


classy baby shower thank yous

2014-04-28 17.18.01white hand lettering on antique gold envelopes

2014-04-23 10.40.26

and some super fun envelopes 🙂


email me if you want to get some laurenish goodness in your own hands laurenishdesign@gmail.com



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