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August 26, 2012

i’m (officially) baaaaaack!

so in case you missed it, this year i not only left to work at forest home – a camp in the mountains below Big Bear – but i also did a number on my arm back in december that required surgery… so i was pretty much out of the design game for a couple months… but now im back in action and ready for some new projects.  before i left i posted a little preview of a few projects i had been working on – well here they are in their completed form

1st a graduation announcement for my little sister:

and my other favorite project from the spring, kimberly’s moving announcement!

let’s all give three claps for kimberly who is 24 and owns her own home

again, if you haven’t already, like the laurenish design facebook page for the latest images and the occasional great deal!

in other news: happy wedding day to julie and brandon! i’ll be posting a few bits from their wedding next week

August 19, 2012

finally pinterest-ing!


for years i’ve done my image cataloging on my computer, throwing awesome designs/photos/etc into my desktop’s “awesome” folder.  for months my friends have been telling me to get on pinterest… so, after much procrastinating, you can see some of laurenish design’s images on pinterest… and maybe someday i’ll get hooked like everyone else and start pinning everything in sight.  this blog and my laurenish design facebook will always be the first place to see my latest creations (as well as the occasional special deal or two) so keep checking back

for now check it out, follow me, and as always… tell your friends 🙂

August 11, 2012

rubber stamp sale!


order a custom designed rubber address stamp for only $20!


*stamp shown is 4″x4″ – $20 stamps are 3″x1.5″ and smaller and will not include handle


to order email with your info

August 8, 2012

new word art pieces

i’m back!

my elbow surgery was a success and while i am still in physical therapy i am finding myself craving creative outlets once again.  for a few years i have wanted to do a few more word art pieces on a large scale… but kept putting things off because i didn’t have the time/supplies/patience/etc…

then last week i decided to just start drawing… sure it’s cardstock and ball point pen… but i kinda love it

regular weekly posts will be back in september! can’t wait to show you all everything else i’ve been working on over the past few months 🙂

PS: check out the laurenish design facebook page for occasional deals on my designs… this weekend there will be a special on custom address stamps!