C+ S wedding suite

while i was getting my Fine Art degree at Biola University i actually switched from being a design emphasis to having an interdisciplinary emphasis – a mix of design and photo… i quickly learned after graduating that while i had an eye for balance and composition i did NOT have the funds to become the kind of photographer i wanted to be (or let’s face it, i didn’t have the patience either)…


so i get SOOOOOOOOOOOO pumped when professional photographers take pictures of my work… because it looks SO MUCH BETTER then my sad little iphone 4 shots


i wish i could take credit for the sweet lace detail – the bride came up with the doilies idea and wrapped them herself








i made custom escort cards on the same textured paper i used for the invitations and then wrote each guests name in white inkCBW-452

instead of a guest book the couple had guest write their names on a poster sized sheet of paper that they could later display




finally the table numbers that have been so popular on pinterest lately – a simple design that subtly hinted at the style of the invitesCBW-444


to get your own sweet wedding designs email laurenishdesign@gmail.com

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