andrew & allegra

… or as i know them best: outtake & hula/music mama

i met allegra back in 2007 at Forest Home and we’ve had the pleasure of working together in family camp for the past several years.  she met her man while working at camp and he and i once shared the greatest high-five of all time (he made a movie that made me ball with its grandeur… so i congratulated him – because about 90% of time my heart is made of stone and i couldn’t cry if i tried – and the rest is history)

so all that to say: this couple is pretty amazing… here’s what we came up with to invite their friends and family to join in their great-ness:


2013-11-12 07.55.33

2013-11-12 08.07.46

2013-11-12 08.22.17


and clearly their guests were totally into it because they received aprons with their names embroidered in my handwriting from the save the dates, their logo appeared all over their gifts! it was SO COOL to get so many pictures from them of their gifts inspired by my designs!  luckily, they liked what i had created enough to jump in on the fun themselves… it was a pretty awesome surprise to get the favor at the wedding… a glass with their logo:

2013-11-03 17.01.18


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