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April 30, 2010

more from paige and jessie

while i was out taking pictures of paige and jessie we also did some shots with their younger siblings which were ALOT of fun!


April 29, 2010

paige & jessie’s senior shoot

do i know alot of people named jessie… nope, just two and i’m lucky enough to have photographed both of them.

here’s some favorites from a photo shoot i did with paige and jessie (best friends since they were babies!) before they graduate high school:

April 28, 2010

calendar love

for the past few years i’ve been “interning” at my church doing graphic design.  it get’s a little crazy sometimes when im trying to create something that will be liked by everyone ages 10-100… which is why my favorite design jobs come from the youth group.  my absolute FAVORITE FAVORITE assignments are the seasonal calendars we put out every three months… im working on the summer one now so i thought it might be nice to look through the past few designs as well…

can’t seem to get any more up right now… 2 more to come soon

April 27, 2010

jessie & brian – save the dates

i am super into the idea of save the date photo post cards.  yes there are a bajillion other cute ways to announce your wedding, but why not use all those lovely engagement photos you’ve just had taken and put them to good use!  skipping the envelope and going with the postcard will also save you half you’re money on postage and all your friends and family will have something awesome to hang on their fridge.

if that wasn’t convincing enough for you, check out the save the date postcard i designed for jessie and brian’s wedding…

here’s the images as they were sent to the printer:

and here’s the actual postcard jessie and brian sent to me:

April 26, 2010

jessie & brian – photo shoot

funny story, i knew both of these two separately before they got together.  brian was a friend of mine during my freshman year of college and jessie worked at a summer camp with me before transferring to that same college where they eventually met and fell in love.   i had been shooting jessie for several photo projects in the past so when they were engaged i was the first to volunteer to take some shots of the lovely couple.

stay tuned for jessie and brian’s save the dates and wedding invitations

April 26, 2010

it’s about time…

before i graduated college i was told to create a blog in order to get my art out into the online world.  clearly, since it is almost a year later… i have done some procrastinating.  the main idea here is that i’ll be posting whatever i’ve been working on lately for your enjoyment and hopefully i’ll be able to post semi-regularly until i begin my future blogging project with my friend jamie.

…wish me luck!

April 25, 2010


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