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November 14, 2010

becoming june cards and banner

as you may have noticed lately, i’ve been swallowed up by non-design work

so it was pretty fabulous to spend an evening designing my friend jamie’s new business cards and a banner for her blog.  keep an eye out for pictures from becoming june products and events

the cards will be cropped with rounded corners…. it’s little touches like rounded corners or different textures that make your business cards stand out amongst the pile… and that style works perfectly with the pearl theme from the logo 🙂

and here’s her website banner…

while becoming june is still in it’s formative stages now be sure to keep checking back at the etsy site and blog for more info

November 10, 2010

becoming june logo

my friend jamie is kind of amazing when it comes to baking and such…

one day she decided that maybe she should share her confectionery gifts with the world… so here we are

after coming up with a name for this awesome new adventure it was time for a logo:

yes, i know… im a little obsessed with century gothic.  but it’s just so beautiful and jamie is actually the one who told me that it’s the most eco-friendly standard font! saves more ink then the other fonts that come standard on your home computers 🙂

more from the becoming june line is on its way soon 🙂