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March 14, 2013

new ads and art festival poster

in september i moved to the beach… like i practically live on the sand…. and i’m fully aware of how amazing it is that i get to watch dolphins and surfers playing in the waves almost every morning.  sunset beach is like a small town, i love that our city limit sign says we have a population of one-thousand-(something) since the last two places i lived were fullerton and anaheim.  as soon as i moved here i heard about the art festival that goes on each spring, and wanted to be a part of it by setting up a booth… but then a few more amazing things happened and i got connected enough to get the opportunity to help design the posters for the festival!

all of the local (and some not-so-local) schools encourage students to enter into the poster/art competition and this year the organization that puts all of this on (las damas) voted and ended up with a tie for 1st place… so i offered to collage the top 3 drawings together and add a little laurenish flair and here’s what happened:




the background is by one student, the shells are by another, and a 3rd student drew the seagulls and pelican.


i’m super excited about the upcoming festival and need to get together some ready-made items to sell and maybe a piece or two for the gallery show.  first things first though, i came up with two new ads featuring a few of my favorite projects… some of which you’ve seen before and a few new ones as well:





if you have any suggestions to what items you’d like to see on sale at the sunset beach art festival, have any questions, or would like to place an order email:

March 11, 2013

envelope addressing

soon i need to do a post on a few specific styles of writing i do on envelopes… so far i’ve just been kinda picking and choosing depending on my mood/the feel of the invites.  the envelopes i’m addressing today are paired with some super adorable/playful-yet-classic invitations so i went with a similar vibe in the addresses:


of course i can always do addressing, even if i am not the designer of whatever goes inside the envelopes – for information on addressing services (or pretty much anything else you want to know) email: