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August 29, 2013

lately… on instagram






i have been failing to update this blog lately, hopefully a few of you caught on and have been following laurenishdesign on instagram

if not, here’s what you’ve been missing…

folded-card graduation announcements:

2013-07-08 12.41.41

gold 30th birthday invites:

2013-07-08 16.08.48


gold and charcoal wedding invites:

2013-07-09 08.35.02


some lovely word art:


2013-07-10 10.36.52




engagement party invitations:

2013-07-12 09.07.51


save the dates:

2013-07-16 07.45.28


and plenty of addressed envelopes:

2013-07-18 13.20.54


upload your own photos of your laurenish design pieces or check out what others are posting under #laurenish or #laurenishdesign


May 11, 2012

a little preview of what’s in the mail…

one of life’s greatest little gifts is the mail…

especially when it’s a package…

especially when that package contains something you’ve designed 🙂

here’s a little preview of what is on it’s way

a custom rubber address stamp:

a moving announcement:

and a graduation announcement for my lil sister!:

while i’m working on several projects right now things are going to be slowing down soon…

back in december i injured my arm playing in a slow-pitch softball game

(dove for a ball, dislocated my elbow, threw the ball in anyway, tore a ligament)

so im getting surgery to repair my arm and am going to be on the injured list for a few months – hope you all have a great summer and i hope to be back with more designs ASAP!

July 27, 2011

jessika & jericho save the dates

here are the save the dates that came out of my photo shoot with jessika and jericho.  the two are happily married now and someday soon i’ll be photographing their invites and be posting them for you to see!

in the meantime enjoy these:

May 25, 2011

brittany’s senior photos

brittany asked me to take photos of her since those studio photos are so expensive… but there was one catch – the two boys she babysits had to be a part of this fun day.  so we decided to take photos at one of my favorite parks from when i was a kid where the guys could play and we could get some great shots.

congrats britt!!!!

May 22, 2011

ashley’s senior photos

i met ashley almost two years ago… her family was staying at the camp i work at and we seemed to hit it off right away.  next year ashley is going to go to biola university where i’ve spent the last 6 years playing/managing/coaching.  i won’t be returning to coach nest year and while we wont be a part of the team together – i’m SO excited for her to be a part of the organization that really made me into the person I am today.

ashley: congrats on graduating and making your dreams come true 🙂

April 23, 2011

emily’s senior shoot

my little emily is growing up!  so we decided to celebrate with a photo shoot

we spent the day walking around the hills in fullerton

“should i throw them?… yes, i think i should throw them” (click to enlarge!)

and then things got a little fancy…

and then after a little extreme hiking… we found an AWESOME set of railroad tracks…

congrats em!!! 🙂

February 1, 2011

biola softball photo-day shoot

in case you didn’t know… my other job is being the biola university softball coach.  every year since i got my digital camera the girls have gotten a little crazy on picture day.  it’s not just them i guess… this generation is all about documenting everything we do with a bajillion pictures (and i have to say sometimes when people ask me “hey, can you bring your camera to such-and-such-event and just take some pictures” {i.e. im not getting paid} i internally moan and think “everyone else is going to be shooting already, why do you need me to too!?…. but this is softball picture day…this is different).  not only is the biola softball team good at what they do – they are also super gorgeous.  we were joking the other day that people might think we recruit completely based on looks.  not true… but i can see where someone might get that idea… we are definitely the prettiest team (and coaching staff… if i do say so myself) in our conference

every year (and i’ve been doing this for 4 years) the girls get all dolled up for the biola-paid professional photo guy to come out and take their team and individual pictures…. meanwhile, i have a little fun taking some not so formal shots

here’s to a great season!

January 10, 2011

jericho & jessika: engagement shoot

it’s looking like 2011 will be the year of weddings.

not weddings that I am designing for, but weddings that i am attending…

first up are my GREAT friends jessika and jericho who are getting married JUNE 4th

we went out to take some photos for a save the date card (that i cannot wait to show you!!!!) and had alot of fun trespassing, romping through rivers, and climbing on… whatever the heck this thing is

congrats you two!!! can’t wait to see what’s up ahead (insert perfect picture metaphor)

lot’s more to come from their upcoming wedding!

December 29, 2010

Fieger Photos

This was my second time taking the Fieger family Christmas photos.  Last year we took them in a park on an awkwardly lit day and my camera battery spazzed out and died about 45 minutes in (i almost died of embarrassment… i didnt have a back-up!).  I didn’t get the shots I was hoping for, so i was ready to redeem myself.  This year we were taking not only Christmas pictures, but Garrick (their eldest) is graduating from high school so we wanted to take some special shots for that as well.  It was a big secret as to where the photos would be taken… their storage space (how original!) and we had a really fun time… but i was kinda disappointed that some of the shots were made slightly impossible to capture because of the low lighting (i am about 2 years over due for a external flash)

ANYWAY: here’s some of the final pics… i’m pretty sure I’m still sworn to secrecy as far as Garrick’s pictures are concerned, but here’s a few family pics for you all to enjoy…

oh and i forgot to warn you… this family is really cute and absolutely hilarious!

in this next one Grace is trying to warn me that the elevator doors are about to close on me… love me some small spaces HAHA!

September 22, 2010

jimmy & jacqie

a few images from one of the first weddings i ever shot.  congrats to jimmy and jacqie who just celebrated 2 years of marriage!