lately on instagram…

big changes are coming up for me at the start of 2014.  i’m currently working 4 jobs: adjunct professor, private tutor, camp coordinator, and print designer… but two of those will end this week and i just might try to survive off the other two – forcing myself to take my design more seriously.  nothing like the fear of starvation and homelessness to get you moving!

speaking of moving… i’m leaving the beach house for equally beautiful Redlands, California – hopefully at the end of the month (prayers for my dream apartment to fall into my lap would be greatly appreciated).

here’s a little look at what else has been happening:

2013-12-03 12.18.25mugs are almost sold out – get one of the last ones before their gone by emailing me at

2013-12-05 09.00.57some teacher cards – get your own! or order some for a educator you love!


2013-12-12 11.40.06some fancy wedding programs – the ones i sent to the couple were tied with super thin ribbon around the spine


2013-12-15 16.25.17and a few of you ordered word art on cardstock, canvas, and wood panels for your families for the holidays! i love doing these so keep the orders coming!

other fun things lately:

for those of you who DON’T already follow me on instagram – some stranger saw how popular my mugs were becoming on pinterest and created their own super sad-looking version… same words, same layout, same color even… but it didn’t have that laurenish charm! or anything close to correct line-spacing (check it out by following laurenishdesign or searching #laurenishdesign )


and in non-insta news: i just got a ping-back from this blog who found one of my other semi-popular pins and featured it one their blog – the actually envelopes were charcoal… but i’m just honored to show up on their page at all – check it out HERE


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