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September 28, 2011

jamie & stevie invites

magical things can happen when someone really trusts you with their invites…

at first when i suggested a booklet jamie & stevie were really hesitant – and then we all collectively started throwing ideas in… and then awesome things happened.

so maybe jamie and i fell crazy in love for the new stamps that came out as we were working on invite designs… because maybe that teal in the background was perfect… maybe we bought the paper based on a weight that would allow us to use these stamps… maybe her mother (who hand addressed each envelope so perfectly!!!) approved the idea that if we couldn’t make it work (weight wise), it would probably be worth it to spend another extra hundred dollars or so on another set of stamps so that we could put two of these lovelies on each envelope.  this is one perfect example of why me and jamie are friends!

awesome homemade invitation booklets have straps for holding extra information and rsvps… obviously!

one of our favorite concepts of these invitation books was the special surprise photo that we hid in the back – photo by niall mccarthy

does that last image look a little familiar? we used the date text from their save the dates to bring the whole thing together

THANK YOU to jamie and stevie for letting me help you create such lovely invites!

September 25, 2011

found ministry logo

a friend of mine asked if i could design a logo for her youth group that would be painted on the walls of the youth room and possibly even be made into temporary tattoos.  here’s the new logo for “found”

September 21, 2011

jessika & jericho – invitations

a year or two ago a friend of mine showed me a cute business card she had gotten.  the business owner had sewn different fabrics to the back of her cards.  and that was the inspiration for these wedding invitations – jess and jer wanted something simple that could be highlighted by a few different fabric patterns that they had chosen out to represent their wedding colors and the feel that they were going for with their classy farm wedding which took place this june.  jericho’s mom sewed each invitation and jessika’s mom did the calligraphy for each envelope

September 17, 2011

save the dates! jame & stevie (and photos of jessika & jericho’s)

i’ve been working on several invitations and save the dates these last 3 months and am FINALLY going to post pictures of them. (so much better then digital files!!!!)

first off, here are the save the dates that i did for my friends jamie and stevie who got married last weekend.  both are very artistic and i have to say that even though jamie is my best friend i was a little intimidated to create a save the date that would set the tone for what was sure to be an awesome wedding.  luckily, they turned out pretty good and were even what inspired the invitations (coming soon!)

photos used in jamie & stevie’s save the date are by niall mccarthy

and while you may be thinking “wait, i’ve seen these next ones before (like maybe on the last post).” then yes, you are correct, but i thought i’d post a photo to better capture their glory

much more coming soon, including invitations for both of these lovely couples