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September 29, 2010

student ministries art

here are a few designs i made in may for the youth room at my church.  it was an awesome surprise to come back from camp and see them printed in color on canvases hung on the walls around the room.  hopefully i’ll get a chance to take some pictures of the finished product, but until then… enjoy the raw designs:

September 23, 2010

one year of connections

a year ago this month i started working on the first issue of connections a monthly publication of cypress church (where i have been working as a graphic designer for 3 years).  connections is a small booklet that contains information on ministry events and updates for the upcoming month.  for each issue i come up with a cover, 3+ color advertisements, and layout for 20-ish pages inside.

here are the covers from the last year… and a sneak peak at next months cover:

and for those of you who don’t attend cypress church… here’s an idea of what goes on inside (from the april issue):

September 22, 2010

jimmy & jacqie

a few images from one of the first weddings i ever shot.  congrats to jimmy and jacqie who just celebrated 2 years of marriage!

September 20, 2010


ever since i was a kid i’ve been working on my writing.  perfecting different styles and searching for cool new fonts to explore.  lately i’ve been embracing the scanner and using my writing as the main thrust behind my designs…

while i usually only post finished projects… this is a scrap of paper from college that displays my love for handwritten type.  below you’ll find the names of some amazing artists who were in the seats next to me, what i was hungry for, and apparently the title of the class i was in at the time:

below is another example from a church youth flyer which is probably even older then my classroom doodles:

and here’s a few drafts from a recent branding campaign i worked on at my church:

my years of drawing out letters has also really inspired me to look at how letters fit together even with computer generated type faces.  last year i worked with a local school’s cheer leading teams to come up with a look that had some spunk to it and this alteration to Rockwell ended up being just what they were looking for:

for the last year i have been procrastinating on my calligraphy and developing a few new fonts… but hopefully this will serve as a reminder for me to get back at it.

you’ll can see more of my work with type in some of my previous entries (especially the youth calendars: here and here) and hopefully there will be much more coming in the future.

September 15, 2010

senior show

i’m going to try being more regular at updating the site and since i’m working two jobs that mostly revolve around softball and NOT photography or design we’re going back in time to look at some projects from college.

the following are the images from healed, my final project for my BFA

September 13, 2010

ty & em – invitation preview

because their wedding is so soon i wont be involved with any of the printing of these invites (yes, i admit, i’m a little nervous).  but maybe this is a new and simple way to make some more business… print at home invitation suites?!?!?

here’s a preview of tyson & emily’s invitation suite, keep an eye out for the real thing which will be posted next month in it’s full glory:

September 5, 2010


after a summer spent in the mountains i really miss being surrounded by nature… but there are some wonderful quirky things that i love about living in orange county and one of them is the sweet old signs that you can find while driving around town.

another one of my favorite projects from college….

September 1, 2010

ty & em – save the dates

when engagement is only a mere 8 weeks, there isn’t much need for save the dates.  but my favorite engaged couple from the northwest wanted to include a picture with their invites, and why not throw a save the date in with you invite?  these wont be sent as a postcard like the other StD’s i’ve done in the past, but instead they’ll be printed as pictures and tucked in to the beautiful envelopes we ordered yesterday from Paper-Source.