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February 23, 2011

youth calendar – spring 2011

maybe the best one yet? you can see some of my previous youth calendar creations here and here.

February 8, 2011

electric bubblegum logo

the ortego’s (maybe you remember their daughters from part of  jessie’s senior photo shoot) are doing the coolest thing ever.  their entire family is coaching a t-ball team.  ADORABLE! the girls played softball and now they are teaching future generations of softball players how it’s done… alot of my favorite things all wrapped up into one great bundle (family service projects, softball, teens helping their communities).  it’s beautiful.

the team was assigned the colors navy and white… so when the little girls were asked what they wanted to name their team they came up with ELECTRIC BUBBLEGUM… and of course when debbi asked me to come up with a logo i was ALL IN:

i am so excited for this team… they are going to have way too much fun

February 6, 2011

softball senior banners

this year we decided to do something a little different.  we thought our outfield could use a little sprucing up and when we heard that our local banner company was having an unbelievable sale we decided this was the perfect solution.

we ordered banners featuring each senior for our outfield fence.  (one more is on the way  – we ordered it late because we were searching for the perfect picture and i dont want to spoil the surprise of what it looks like before the team gets to see it in person)

we also ordered a banner featuring the team verse.  (every year the seniors choose a bible verse they want to have represent that year)

P.S. it wasn’t my idea to use rockwell… that was the sports information director who said it is becoming the official font of biola athletics.  i just smiled and said “yah, i’m familiar with that one”

February 3, 2011

missions calendar

One thing I love about Cypress Church (where I am a graphic designer) is their focus on missions.  We support some of the coolest missionaries I’ve ever met… and of course the rest of the church agrees… so when I was asked to make a calendar featuring all these great servants I was pretty excited.

each month features a few families with pictures, info on what they are doing, where they are serving, and a few prayer requests that they have:

There was a 3 year period where I was obsessed with century gothic.  Well I’m happy to say that my new obsession is rockwell (don’t worry century gothic – I still have a lot of love for you… it’s just time for me to use something serif).  It’s showing up in ALOT of my work… and I especially love to pair it with learning curve (a free download on most font websites) which i used on the actual calendar portion of each page:

February 1, 2011

biola softball photo-day shoot

in case you didn’t know… my other job is being the biola university softball coach.  every year since i got my digital camera the girls have gotten a little crazy on picture day.  it’s not just them i guess… this generation is all about documenting everything we do with a bajillion pictures (and i have to say sometimes when people ask me “hey, can you bring your camera to such-and-such-event and just take some pictures” {i.e. im not getting paid} i internally moan and think “everyone else is going to be shooting already, why do you need me to too!?…. but this is softball picture day…this is different).  not only is the biola softball team good at what they do – they are also super gorgeous.  we were joking the other day that people might think we recruit completely based on looks.  not true… but i can see where someone might get that idea… we are definitely the prettiest team (and coaching staff… if i do say so myself) in our conference

every year (and i’ve been doing this for 4 years) the girls get all dolled up for the biola-paid professional photo guy to come out and take their team and individual pictures…. meanwhile, i have a little fun taking some not so formal shots

here’s to a great season!