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May 11, 2012

a little preview of what’s in the mail…

one of life’s greatest little gifts is the mail…

especially when it’s a package…

especially when that package contains something you’ve designed 🙂

here’s a little preview of what is on it’s way

a custom rubber address stamp:

a moving announcement:

and a graduation announcement for my lil sister!:

while i’m working on several projects right now things are going to be slowing down soon…

back in december i injured my arm playing in a slow-pitch softball game

(dove for a ball, dislocated my elbow, threw the ball in anyway, tore a ligament)

so im getting surgery to repair my arm and am going to be on the injured list for a few months – hope you all have a great summer and i hope to be back with more designs ASAP!

May 1, 2012

Alex Rae & Joe Invites and Save the Dates

These two are pretty adorable.  They’re moving to Japan.  Their love is purple and red.

(these aren’t their actual save the dates or invitations… but they’re still fun to look at)

congrats you two 🙂