August 29, 2013

lately… on instagram






i have been failing to update this blog lately, hopefully a few of you caught on and have been following laurenishdesign on instagram

if not, here’s what you’ve been missing…

folded-card graduation announcements:

2013-07-08 12.41.41

gold 30th birthday invites:

2013-07-08 16.08.48


gold and charcoal wedding invites:

2013-07-09 08.35.02


some lovely word art:


2013-07-10 10.36.52




engagement party invitations:

2013-07-12 09.07.51


save the dates:

2013-07-16 07.45.28


and plenty of addressed envelopes:

2013-07-18 13.20.54


upload your own photos of your laurenish design pieces or check out what others are posting under #laurenish or #laurenishdesign


July 12, 2013

matthew and michelle’s wedding invites!

sometimes you grow up and make wedding invitations for the boy who lived down the street back when you were in elementary school… these are those invitations:





wish you had some fun font combinations on your invites? let’s make that happen! email me at

July 11, 2013

mary & kosta’s engagement party invitations

as soon as mary sent me the 1st picture for these invites i knew this was going to be an awesome project:



i had a blast working with mary and kosta… we printed their awesome photos with subtle text on double-sided flatcards so that their images read like a story



SO FUN! to get your own photo-inspired invites email me at

i have some great photographer friends who can help us make the perfect invitations for whatever event you may be planning

July 10, 2013

kathy and alexander – gold and gray awesome

kathy and alex were married last weekend… and i like to think they had some pretty good design to go along with the vows and celebrating

like these save the dates:


some fantastic invitations:

2013-04-08 10.39.19

ya, you know you love those gold envelope liners… you probably like the gold thermography even more2013-04-08 10.44.59

there were menus, escort cards, and some sweet labels on those envelopes

get yourself some awesome invites! email me at

July 7, 2013

becky & tim – save the date





woo-hoo! it’s finally far enough into wedding season that i can start showing you all the awesomeness that i’ve been making the last few months… it’s going to be a great couple weeks of blogs people – get excited!


let’s start with these fun save the date postcards:



congrats to becky and tim who were married yesterday!

June 10, 2013

grad cards 2013 part 3

yes yes, there are MORE awesome grad cards for your viewing pleasure




and this is the 1st of 2 folded cards i made this season (the other one will be posted soon!):




if you’d like some flat or folded graduation cards – or any other sort of card – email me at

June 8, 2013

strike force volleyball

a new volleyball league is starting up in southern california and i was lucky enough to help out with some of their branding







visit today to sign up!


if you would like a logo or a whole new look email me at and i’d love to help you become even just a little bit more awesome

June 6, 2013

the making of a save the date

i get a LOT of questions about my process.  apparently most people think i’ll draw something up for them and if they don’t like it – too bad! but that really couldn’t be further from the truth.  if a couple wants to give me full control – awesome, but i really want whatever i make to represent my client… so i appreciate as much input as possible.  take these save the dates for example… jessica and marvin sent me some of the most amazing engagement photos i’ve ever seen (photos by o snap click) so we played around with a few…StD-01 StD-02 StD-03 StD-04 StD-05 StD-06 StD-06b StD-06c


from there we settled on 1 photo and played around with that for a while… ocean-side-01 ocean-side-02ocean-side-04 ocean-side-05 ocean-side-06 postcard-front


til we came up with the final design:




did we choose wisely? which is your favorite? mine is the 5th one down of them on the bridge – simple and that was my favorite picture of them.  check out some more of their engagement photos HERE

if you are in need of some save the dates email me at and let’s get to creating!

May 31, 2013



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May 31, 2013

how to get other people to buy you laurenish things

getting married? having a baby? doing something else exciting that gives you a reason to put together a registry? why not add some word art or rubber stamps to your list of toasters and towels?


step one: make an amazon wishlist or registy – CLICK HERE

step two (A): dream up the perfect laurenish item… maybe it’s a rubber stamp with your new address, or a word art canvas or wood panel, maybe it’s a custom designed skateboard deck or even a gift certificate… either way email me with the desires of your heart and i’ll post it on MY ETSY PAGE and you can add it to your registry

step two (B): maybe you dont know what you want but you expect your friends and family to figure it out… choose one of the already posted items to add to your registry

step three: sit back and smile as you think about how tech savvy and awesome you are… and how better your life will be now that you’ve added a little more laurenish 🙂


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