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August 19, 2012

finally pinterest-ing!


for years i’ve done my image cataloging on my computer, throwing awesome designs/photos/etc into my desktop’s “awesome” folder.  for months my friends have been telling me to get on pinterest… so, after much procrastinating, you can see some of laurenish design’s images on pinterest… and maybe someday i’ll get hooked like everyone else and start pinning everything in sight.  this blog and my laurenish design facebook will always be the first place to see my latest creations (as well as the occasional special deal or two) so keep checking back

for now check it out, follow me, and as always… tell your friends 🙂

August 11, 2012

rubber stamp sale!


order a custom designed rubber address stamp for only $20!


*stamp shown is 4″x4″ – $20 stamps are 3″x1.5″ and smaller and will not include handle


to order email with your info

April 29, 2012


a new group is starting up at the church i design for

so here’s the new logo and look for Fit-N-Fun at Cypress Church

December 20, 2011


i’ve been rather MIA lately and i’m going to blame it a little on the fact that this time of year is not popular for invitation design…

and a lot on the fact that over these past couple months i’ve moved and started a new job

so here’s a quick update of what else i’ve been up to:


so i’m a little addicted to making envelopes,

AND making bows – from all sorts of paper (this one’s from a magazine article about the kardashians),

and just today we finished the connections overhaul for cypress church – hopefully i’ll be posting more pictures of the insides soon


merry christmas and happy new year – i’ll be back in 2012 with plenty of new designs




December 26, 2010

i need some more caligraphy projects

i’ve been wanting to get in some caligraphy work lately… but believe it or not, it’s hard to get projects when your just starting out.  i don’t have any real examples to show or a lot of experience to depend on… so i not only have to trust myself, but i have to ask someone else to trust me as well… which is sometimes harder then it seems.

so my not-so-new-found-love of writing has been popping up everywhere else in my life… including my mail-in toothbrush rebate 🙂

at least there’s a chance that i’ll make someone’s day with a non-white envelope and a not-so-normal address


maybe you want some not-so-normal addresses on your envelopes? i would LOVE to help you out with that



April 26, 2010

it’s about time…

before i graduated college i was told to create a blog in order to get my art out into the online world.  clearly, since it is almost a year later… i have done some procrastinating.  the main idea here is that i’ll be posting whatever i’ve been working on lately for your enjoyment and hopefully i’ll be able to post semi-regularly until i begin my future blogging project with my friend jamie.

…wish me luck!