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March 10, 2014


yes, again i admit that i’ve not been posting on here lately… but i have some REALLY great excuses! on new years eve i moved away from the beach and got engaged to the GREATEST guy i’ve ever met and we were married on February 22nd! life has been crazy and i’ve loved EVERY SECOND! i now live in Redlands, California which has got to be the most wonderful place on earth – i’ve traded my loud but gorgeous ocean view for what feels like a small town surrounded by awe-some mountains and church bells that play my favorite hymns at lunch and dinner time.  but the transitions dont stop there! i’ve been hoping to get more and more into hand-lettering and letting that become the main aspect of laurenish and it seems to be working.  I’m now advertising as a calligrapher on and while i’m still doing plenty of wedding suites and other sorts of announcements and invitations i’ve also been getting more work for just my lettering which is exactly perfect for me right now as i take on another summer of camp at Forest Home working with teenage girls.  over the next couple months i’ll be cutting back on design and focusing on lettering and the ministry i’m doing at camp.


in the mean time please keep checking in on me via instagram! i try to post at least once a week, but usually thow in a few images of everyday life as well (i hope you dont mind!)

here’s a few things you might have missed if you weren’t following @laurenishdesign

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