the making of a save the date

i get a LOT of questions about my process.  apparently most people think i’ll draw something up for them and if they don’t like it – too bad! but that really couldn’t be further from the truth.  if a couple wants to give me full control – awesome, but i really want whatever i make to represent my client… so i appreciate as much input as possible.  take these save the dates for example… jessica and marvin sent me some of the most amazing engagement photos i’ve ever seen (photos by o snap click) so we played around with a few…StD-01 StD-02 StD-03 StD-04 StD-05 StD-06 StD-06b StD-06c


from there we settled on 1 photo and played around with that for a while… ocean-side-01 ocean-side-02ocean-side-04 ocean-side-05 ocean-side-06 postcard-front


til we came up with the final design:




did we choose wisely? which is your favorite? mine is the 5th one down of them on the bridge – simple and that was my favorite picture of them.  check out some more of their engagement photos HERE

if you are in need of some save the dates email me at and let’s get to creating!


2 Comments to “the making of a save the date”

  1. i love your style and i loved the one of them on the bridge too!

  2. Definitely the one on the bridge!! But the final one came out nicely.

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