how to get other people to buy you laurenish things

getting married? having a baby? doing something else exciting that gives you a reason to put together a registry? why not add some word art or rubber stamps to your list of toasters and towels?


step one: make an amazon wishlist or registy – CLICK HERE

step two (A): dream up the perfect laurenish item… maybe it’s a rubber stamp with your new address, or a word art canvas or wood panel, maybe it’s a custom designed skateboard deck or even a gift certificate… either way email me with the desires of your heart and i’ll post it on MY ETSY PAGE and you can add it to your registry

step two (B): maybe you dont know what you want but you expect your friends and family to figure it out… choose one of the already posted items to add to your registry

step three: sit back and smile as you think about how tech savvy and awesome you are… and how better your life will be now that you’ve added a little more laurenish 🙂


to order something for yourself or a friend visit MY ETSY PAGE or email me at

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