painted tulip bridal shower invitations

julie is a friend of mine that i met working at forest home on the cca (child care assistantstaff.  so i was pumped when she sent me this email:

“1st order of business: I miss playing games in Chippy.
2nd order of business: I miss your face.
3rd order of business: I’m planning my sisters bridal shower and would love to order some invites from you. How do we go about this ordering business?”

she described the event as “cute, fancy tea thingermabop” and then asked me to incorporate tulips into the design… here’s what i came up with:



if you’re thinking “daaaaang…. those are some sweet slate envelopes” then get excited because it seems like every wedding i’m working on lately is incorporating these gorgeous little lovelies… and i promise that sometimes the brides even pick that color without me having to convince them of it’s fantastic-ness haha

hope you’re all having a great weekend!

if you’d like to place an order for some bridal shower invitations for your own “cute, fancy tea thingermabop”, or any other custom laurenish design email LAURENISHDESIGN@GMAIL.COM and be sure to follow me on facebook for the latest sales and contests

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