more love for linen canvases

i love when someone contacts me with an idea that they are excited about.  i like partnering with people to make the things that they’ve dreamt up… like these lovelies:

this first one was a genius idea – she wanted a display board for all the christmas cards her family receives each year.  the cards will start in the canvas pocket on the left (which is lined with black and white chevron fabric) and then throughout the year, one-by-one they’ll appear in the middle and end up in the pocket on the right.  since people’s christmas cards tend to come in all sorts of shapes and sizes these days i left plenty of room in the middle for vertical or horizontal cards of almost any size (the one in the photo is a 4×6 – which is usually on the smaller end of flat cards – and you may recognize it from this post).  the final project is 24×12″.  i dont tend to work much with fabric, but i had a blast making these little envelopes… plus i got to take a visit to the very dangerous (to my wallet) fabric store …mmm i’m drooling just thinking about it!

2013-01-31 11.49.33


i wasn’t planning on posting this next one til after valentines day because it is a gift… but i hear they celebrated a little early so i wont ruin the surprise by posting haha! this idea actually comes from a cousin of mine who wanted to make a creative headboard for her husband for the holiday.  she gave me a long list of her favorite love quotes and this was the lovely two-piece chunk of awesome.  each canvas is 24×36″ – which also made me drool a little seeing as how i usually work on much smaller spaces

2013-02-01 14.16.43


if you love these and want something similar of your own…

or maybe you have some fantastical project that you’d like some help with email me at


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