christmas presents

over the last few weeks i have officially become an elf.  i am making all sorts of gifts for old friends and new laurenish fans to give out to their loved ones this holiday.  i’ve got quite the mug collection on my fireplace… and it’s still growing!


and this is AFTER sending out the first wave of mugs… plus there are 4 more in the oven and 3 more in my car!

but the piece that got me crazy excited and maybe a little giddy was this one…


1 Corinthians 13:7 – 8×10 linen canvas

(aren’t you loving these little peaks at my little beach apartment… from the inside you’d think i was living in a cabin in the woods.  and yes this carpet is as comfy as it looks haha!)

this word art piece is also going to be a christmas gift – maybe it’s for you!

if you didnt get your wish list to santa in time you can always place an order by emailing me at … i’m hoping to make a few more of these in the weeks after christmas!


3 Comments to “christmas presents”

  1. How much for your cool linen canvas piece? It would be a perfect gift for my brother & his wife. XO Steph

  2. That’s so beautiful! Great job.

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