50th Birthday Invites


It’s the off season for wedding invites, but i have had a few type-a brides (my favorites! – you know who you are) who are ON IT and have already been talking to me about invites for weddings that are many MANY months away.  when i’m not dreaming up their lovely paper products (and OH YES they will be lovely… especially since i’ll have had over 6 months to plan them :)!!! ) i’ve been doing some super fun birthday invites, baby shower invites, and LOTS and LOTS of rubber stamps.  so here’s one of many non-wedding invite posts i’ll be making over the next month or two….

mary’s daughter – samantha (see the stamp i designed for her wedding here)- was one of my roommates in college and when i came up to chelan for sam’s wedding i FELL IN LOVE with the city! alot of that was due to mary and the rest of her family’s hospitality… so i was of course honored to design invites for her 50th bday!  sam wanted a fall theme for the party and i decided to throw in a few autumn-y doodles to match


i covered the back with a fall-ish pattern


happy birthday mary! hope it was a great one!


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