Last week…

this post is half life-update half design-y things for you to look at… (sorry about the lame photo quality… my phone doesnt take the best pictures)

last week i started a new job as the printer girl/marketing assistant for a solar power company and the printer decided it would break down RIGHT as I started work, so there was a little bit of sitting around so things like this happened:

a listing of some of the hand-drawn fonts i have rolling around in my head (those aren’t their names, just descriptive words/phrases)

i also moved to HERE:

which is CRAZY-AMAZING and is already inspiring me x10000000!  also: this was my 2nd move in 1.5 weeks… which is a whole different kind of crazy.

I also got to watch two of my friends get married 🙂 keep an eye out for a post on their invitations coming soon… here’s a little preview from my table at the reception that features the rubber stamp of their wedding logo:

and here I am with the fun little surprise that the logo also appeared on the cake! (photo credit to steve carroll)

and finally here’s the gift i made for julie and brandon for their special day… i HIGHLY reccommend address stamps as a wedding gift (one of VERY few ways to gift something thats not on the registry and still  make the bride and groom happy)

this week i am working on 2 birthday invitations, and 2 other wedding-related projects that i CANNOT WAIT to share with you all!  more designs will be headed your way soon!

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