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March 23, 2011

easter 2011

last year i got to design the whole easter campaign for cypress church… which was kinda a big deal cuz i usually have to design things that will make everyone (ages 1-100) happy (impossible).  but it turned out pretty good and so when it came time for this years easter campaign i was up for the challenge.

but this year i was struggling…  i started messing around with things that most-likely wouldn’t get approved when a miracle happened:

the worship arts pastor came in and said “oh, i like that”

i realize that not all of you know what each of these days means… and one of them we just kinda made up… so why would you? so i wrote out brief descriptions:::

palm sunday: the day that jesus entered the city on a donkey, people waved palm braches and called him “hosanna” (recognizing him as messiah) to fulfill old testament prophesies.

maundy thursday: the night that jesus and the disciples celebrated passover, he went into the garden to pray, and was arrested.

good friday: the day jesus was crucified.

aWAKEning: the one we made up – the day in between jesus’ death and resurrection… i was told it was supposed to be like a wake and that it should be dark… well that was easy.

and of course easter sunday: the day jesus rose from the dead, proving that he was god and that he had concurred sin and death

easter seems like its so far in the future… but i know it’ll be here before i know it.  i’m in one of those crazy phases where i’m so busy that weeks just fly by.  hopefully that also means more greatness to be posted soon