biola softball photo-day shoot

in case you didn’t know… my other job is being the biola university softball coach.  every year since i got my digital camera the girls have gotten a little crazy on picture day.  it’s not just them i guess… this generation is all about documenting everything we do with a bajillion pictures (and i have to say sometimes when people ask me “hey, can you bring your camera to such-and-such-event and just take some pictures” {i.e. im not getting paid} i internally moan and think “everyone else is going to be shooting already, why do you need me to too!?…. but this is softball picture day…this is different).  not only is the biola softball team good at what they do – they are also super gorgeous.  we were joking the other day that people might think we recruit completely based on looks.  not true… but i can see where someone might get that idea… we are definitely the prettiest team (and coaching staff… if i do say so myself) in our conference

every year (and i’ve been doing this for 4 years) the girls get all dolled up for the biola-paid professional photo guy to come out and take their team and individual pictures…. meanwhile, i have a little fun taking some not so formal shots

here’s to a great season!

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