Fieger Photos

This was my second time taking the Fieger family Christmas photos.  Last year we took them in a park on an awkwardly lit day and my camera battery spazzed out and died about 45 minutes in (i almost died of embarrassment… i didnt have a back-up!).  I didn’t get the shots I was hoping for, so i was ready to redeem myself.  This year we were taking not only Christmas pictures, but Garrick (their eldest) is graduating from high school so we wanted to take some special shots for that as well.  It was a big secret as to where the photos would be taken… their storage space (how original!) and we had a really fun time… but i was kinda disappointed that some of the shots were made slightly impossible to capture because of the low lighting (i am about 2 years over due for a external flash)

ANYWAY: here’s some of the final pics… i’m pretty sure I’m still sworn to secrecy as far as Garrick’s pictures are concerned, but here’s a few family pics for you all to enjoy…

oh and i forgot to warn you… this family is really cute and absolutely hilarious!

in this next one Grace is trying to warn me that the elevator doors are about to close on me… love me some small spaces HAHA!

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